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Universal Amazing World Records has been established keeping in mind the need to assist all those who are talented but do not have the financial wherewithal to demonstrate their talents. Universal Amazing World Records has been formed for them.Money should not be an impeding factor for displaying talents.Universal Amazing World Records identifies such obscure talents and help them display their talents to the World and to get them much deserved recognition as an ACHIEVER in the society.

Universal Amazing World Records



Record is proven information related to a certain person, organization or event. This valid information should be
provided with evidences and can be measured and witnessed.


World Record is proven information related to any person, organization or event. it is unique/ extra ordinary/ special
in some way or happening for the first time. Claimant must be able to prove the achievable, measurable,
challengeable and recognizable incidents with proper evidences. It can be a personal achievement or an incident.


There are few ways by which a record is recognized officially as World Record. Most common method is receiving a
recognition in which a person presents a claim to UAWR to recognize the attempt as world record. In some cases
one can also claim the record on behalf of a person/incident.


The record setting process consists of four steps:

1. Record Application
2. Approval from UAWR team
3. Record attempt following all the procedural guidelines
4. Sending the Claim Form along with evidence.

After you receive the confirmation along with your Claim ID; you need to follow the instructions mailed by


If you are planning to attempt a world record in future then you are supposed to fill the ‘Record Application Form’
and mail us. Our team will go through it and mail you the ‘Record Specific Guidelines’ which you will need to follow
at the time of World Record attempt. These guidelines would help you to ensure that the attempt turns into a
successful record attempt.

If you have already attempted a World Record (like collection of something); then you are supposed to fill the
‘Record Claim Form’ and mail us the claim form along with all evidences and witness statements for scrutiny and

You can get the form from the official website of Universal Amazing World Records (UAWR);
‘_____________________’ from the “downloads” section.

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